We conduct audits in Educational Sectors including:

  • Kindegarten Associations
  • Kohanga Reo
  • Private Training Organisations - TEC
  • Earlychildhood
  • Schools

There are specific reporting and auditing requirements for each sector.

Please contact us to discuss your reporting requirements.

Agricultural - Farms and Forests

We audit numerous enterprises that are involved in various forms of farming throughout New Zealand  such as:

  • Forestry
  • Sheep & Beef
  • Dairying
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture

We have assisted as auditors in preparation and registration of prospectuses for various rural based investment opportunities.

Please contact us to discuss your auditing requirements.

Prospectus/Issuer, FMC Reporting Entities

We have registered under the Auditor Regulation Act 2011 (Transitional Provisions) which enables us to undertake issuer/FMC audits.

To make a securities offering to the public a Prospectus is required. This needs to be audited and registered with the Registrar of Companies under the Securities Act 1978. Once registered the offerror becomes an ‘Issuer/FMC Reporting entity’.

Silks Audit is the auditor of a number of issuers which includes auditing of and assisting with the preparation and registration of the initial prospectus plus the ongoing audit requirements thereafter. We have provided audit services to:

  • Audit of Forest Partnerships
  • Audit of Forest/Farming Companies
  • Audit of Limited Partnerships
  • Audit of Co-operatives

Please contact us to discuss reporting requirements

Charitable Trusts / Organisations

A Trust to be registered under the Charitable Trust Act 1957,  must exist principally or exclusively:

  • For a charitable purpose according to the law of New Zealand
  • Or for a religious or educational purpose whether or not such purpose is charitable according to New Zealand law. 

The following purposes may be the basis of registration as a charitable trust:

  • the promotion of education
  • the promotion of religion
  • the relief of poverty
  • other purposes of benefit to the community. 

The Trust Deed or the Charities Commission may require your trust to be reviewed or audit".

Changes to the Charities Act 2005 created statutory audit and review requirements for     medium and large Registered Charities from 1 April 2015.  

If your total operating expenditure for each of the previous two accounting periods was:

  • over $500,000 (medium) –  your financial statements must be either audited or reviewed by a qualified auditor; or
  • over $1 million (large) – your financial statements must be audited by a qualified auditor.

Tier 3 charities that are required by statute to have an audit or review will also have their non-financial information audited or reviewed.

Please contact us to discuss reporting requirements


Certain Companies have obligations under the Companies Act 1993 to have an audit:

(1) Section 207 applies to—

(a) every large company unless subsection (2) applies; and

(b) every company that is a public entity; and

(c) every large overseas company; and

(d)  every company with 10 or more shareholders unless the company has opted out of compliance with that section in accordance with section 207I; and

(e) every company with fewer than 10 shareholders if the company has opted into compliance with the section in accordance with section 207K.

Please contact us to discuss reporting requirements

Gambling Operators

We conduct audits for holders of class 4 gambling licenses.

Please contact us to discuss reporting requirements

AML & CFT Non Assurance Engagement

A reporting entity must review its risk assessment and AML/CFT programme to ensure the risk assessment and AML/CFT programme remain current; and identify any deficiencies in the effectiveness of the risk assessment and the AML/CFT programme; and make any changes to the risk assessment or AML/CFT programme identified as being necessary. A reporting entity must ensure its risk assessment and AML/CFT programme are audited every 2 years or at any other time at the request of the relevant AML/CFT supervisor.

Please contact us to discuss reporting requirements.

Community Trusts

"Community Trust" is a trust established under Part 2 of the Trustee Banks Restructuring Act 1988.

This Act was to enable the "Community Trust" to hold shares in the capital of the resultant successor banking company. 

The Act made provision for the continued operation of  "Community Trusts".

Please contact us to discuss reporting requirements. 

Incorporated Societies

An "Incorporated Society" consists of a group of at least 15 people who have applied for registration as an "Incorporated Society" under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.  A wide range of groups and organisations apply for incorporation, including sports clubs, music, cultural groups and special interest organisations.

Once registered the incorporated society becomes a separate legal entity distinct from its members.  This means that the members are not personally liable for the society’s debts, contracts or other obligations.  Likewise, members do not have any personal interest in any property or assets owned by the society.

An incorporated society will continue in existence as long as it files certain documents with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies, or until its members, or a creditor, decide to bring the society to an end.

The Rules of the Incorporated Society will determine whether an audit is required..

Please contact us to discuss your auditing requirements. 

Non - Public Funds

We conduct audits for the Defence force on the non-public funds.

Please contact us to discuss reporting requirements.

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