Māori Business Audit Services

Introduction / Nau Mai

Working face to face with our clients and together looking forward into the future/ Kanohi ki te kanohi

As one of the largest rural audit firms, we are passionate about working with iwi, Māori entities and businesses to achieve their cultural, social and economic aspirations. We recognise the importance of Te Reo and Tikanga Māori within New Zealand and are committed to educating our firm and our people on its’ importance.

We have a strong history of working with iwi, Māori entities and businesses including pre and post settlement iwi. This work has enabled our people to gain an understanding of kaupapa Māori approaches to business.

We aim to be New Zealand’s preferred auditor to iwi, Māori entities and businesses.

Our Mission / Kaupapa

Our firm is committed to growing and developing relationships with iwi, Māori entities and organisations.

To help grow and develop relationships, we believe in working face to face with our clients to achieve their aspirations and desired outcomes and to provide assurance over their financial information and taonga.   


Our Team / Ko mātau

Our dedicated Māori Business Team

Our Services / Ngā wāhanga mahi

Our firm provides audit services to the following types of Māori Business and Organisation

  • Pre and Post Settlement Government Entities (PSGE)
  • Māori Authorities                         
  • Kōhanga Reo                        
  • Māori Fisheries
  • Marae Committee                                  
  • Papakāinga Trust
  • Māori Farms 
  • Māori Land Trusts
  • Kura Kaupapa Māori
  • Māori Land Court Investigations
  • Māori Health providers
  • Māori Sports Trusts

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